Frequently Asked Questions

Zack Files Real Estate helps facilitate new & experienced real-estate investors through real-estate transactions from start to finish. We work with a network of Real Estate Agents that help finds you what you’re looking for, Mortgage Brokers to close any deal, & Mobile Lawyers to help make every step of your real-estate journey successful while being well informed from experts along the way.

No, it is illegal to own a law-firm without being a lawyer yourself. Zack Files Real-estate was created by knowledgeable investors in real-estate who wanted to make the process of buying/selling a home as smooth as possible. We help connect you with the same network we use from start to finish. Whether you need an agent to find you a home, a mortgage broker to get you approved, a lawyer, or just one of these we are here to help.

Zack Files Real Estate does not charge for anything. We are an information & referral business that does not rely on the client for payments. We pride ourselves in offering value & helping people find the experience they need without the hassles

Our network spans from the GTA to Niagara with Mortgage brokers capable of closing properties across Canada.

Zack Files Real Estate was established in 2019 to help navigate people through their real estate goals. Everyone knows a real estate agent, but do they know experienced agents who know exactly how to find what you’re looking for? Simply e-mail or call, let us know what you’re looking for & you will be connected with an agent, mortgage broker & lawyer that fits your needs.

We are in the process of setting up consultations for budding real-estate entrepreneurs. This is a service that will allow you to get the information & education you’re looking for in a specific field. Please e-mail us to be added to our list with a description of what you’re looking to learn & we will contact you back